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Due to the extensive rate of fire, purchasers are encouraged to exercise and heed the following: velocities should not exceed 425 FPS for typical engagements and should not be used at close range. Do NOT aim for the center of body mass or head area. Aim for the lower extremities when firing and keep the muzzle moving in a constant side-to-side motion across the target to minimize tight clustering of the BBs directly onto the target and minimize possible injury. Fire ONLY short bursts! Long bursts may wear through a target and inflict serious or possibly fatal injury. NEVER use metal BBs! Use of metal BBs may inflict serious or possibly fatal injury! X-Caliber Tactical CANNOT be held responsible for any accidents or incidents due to misuse or neglect or use of the airsoft replicas. X-Caliber Tactical does not sell airsoft replicas to anyone under 18 years of age. Proof of age is required with all orders.

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Ordering Instructions:
This product is considered an airsoft or BB gun and thus is not typically subjected to any typical FFL restrictions and is legal in all countries, states, and cities that permit ownership of airsoft or BB guns. Buyers however are suggested to consult their local codes and must be over 18 and are required to sign a legal waiver. This
waiver must be downloaded and a signed copied must either be scanned and emailed to sales@xcalibertactical.com or faxed after contacting us indicating your intent to purchase.

When making your order, please state if you want any of the options offered below. Email or call in your order and list everything you desire and be prepared to provide a signed copy of the disclaiimer. All prices listed online do NOT include shipping which will be estimated after your order is received and you will be notified of the exact total and then can proceed to make payment.

Please include your address with your order so that we can establish a total including shipping and insurance to your location.

We accept payments by way of personal check, money orders (all checks must clear prior to orders being shipped), or we take Visa, Master Card or Discover Card over the phone.

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Shooting Chrony        
 Shooting Chrony
Shooting Chrony F1 Chronograph
F1 Chronograph
9v alkaline battery lasts 48 continuous hours
Numbered shot velocities
Stereo Jack for remote control or printer
Velocity displayed until next shot

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