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Shieldshot Mirror Sight:

Mirror Sight
Aim and shoot accurately around a corner while you stay protected.
(Even your hands stay behind cover.)
Mirror Sight
Mirror flips up and rotates with solid stops
for right- or left-handed shooting.


  1. The 2 large parts and the aperture are 6061 aluminum alloy, Type III hard anodized, black.
  2. The remaining components are manganese phosphate coated (black) steel, or are hardened stainless steel with a black oxide coating (except for the internal stainless steel springs and balls, which are coated or blackened).
  3. The entire device can be completely disassembled into 35 parts. The only special tools required are a small pin (approximately the thickness of a large paperclip), a tapping tool (such as a hammer), and a regular screwdriver.
  4. The small mirror (1.2" x 1.6") is made of extremely durable chemically strengthened glass. It is of very high optical quality with 95% reflectance. The mirror is held in place by 3M#5925 pressure sensitive tape, which is not affected by gun oils, salt water, solvents, etc.
  5. The device is highly durable to dropping it on its head or abusively knocking it around while it is mounted on a rifle, or exposing it to sand, mud, and salt water.
  6. The larger accessory mirror (3" x 4") and its two-part backing piece and cover are all made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. The mirror has a durable anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. The mirror itself is replaceable in 20 seconds by simply slipping it out of its backing piece and slipping in a new one, with no tools required. The cover slips on and snaps to protect this mirror in the soldier's pocket. The cover can be removed using only one hand.
  7. The device weighs about 5 oz. The net weight added to the rifle after removing the standard back-up iron sight will be about 3 oz.

The Tactical Mirror Sight is a flip-up mirror device which mounts behind a red dot sight on an assault rifle, shotgun, or launcher. It allows a soldier or police officer to stay behind cover while aiming and shooting accurately around a corner, over a wall, under a vehicle, or from inside an armored vehicle. The purpose of the device is four-fold:

  1. it allows you to productively engage in a firefight while still maintaining the bodily protection provided by your cover position
  2. it therefore allows you the time and technical ability to take an accurately aimed shot in a firefight, instead of using a poorly aimed "peek and shoot" method or simply sticking the rifle around the corner and using the "spray and pray" technique
  3. it provides for much safer and more effective room clearing operations
  4. it also serves as a back-up iron sight.
Mirror Sight
Shoot around corners with any unmagnified red dot sight
such as EOTech, Aimpoint, or Trijicon Reflex.
Mirror Sight
Aim and shoot accurately over walls
while staying fully protected.

The Tactical Mirror Sight is ordinarily used in conjunction with one of the commonly used "red dot" sights such as those made by EOTech, Aimpoint, or Trijicon. The mirror device is mounted behind the red dot sight so as to allow you to flip up the mirror and see through the red dot sight by looking through the angled mirror.

The key feature of the Tactical Mirror Sight is that it stays on the rifle at all times and can be instantly flipped up to its in-use position when it is needed. As the combat situation changes from moment to moment, the Tactical Mirror Sight can be flipped back down and completely out of the way in less than one second to allow you to switch back to conventional aiming. The device is maintained in its flipped-up or flipped-down positions by spring-loaded click-stop detents. It can be managed quickly and easily with a heavily gloved hand.

A second set of click-stop detents allows the mirror to be rotated for left-handed or righthanded shooting. This feature is not simply to accommodate your hand dominance. Since you do not usually get to choose the cover position from which you will fight, right-handed users may frequently be called upon to shoot left-handed around a corner. When shooting over walls, right-handed users will almost always be able to use the device in a right-handed fashion.

As soon as you begin to train on the Tactical Mirror Sight, it will become apparent that the click-stop detents enable you to develop muscle memory with respect to the positioning of the eye relative to the mirror. Your aiming accuracy with this device is improved by the fact that anytime this device is in use, there will always be a physical object (wall) present to serve as a shooting rest for aiming. The device requires several hours of training to learn rapid target acquisition (because the image seen through the device is a reversed image). It is fairly analogous to learning to back a trailer with a car.

The Tactical Mirror Sight is designed in such a way as to make you fully protect your hands behind cover while shooting. In order to see through the mirror, the rifle must be laid over about 45° from your eye, thus allowing you to pull your hands in behind cover. All that the enemy can see outside of your line of cover is the barrel of your gun and your red dot sight.

The device mounts onto the picatinny rail of the rifle in about 30 seconds with a regular screwdriver.

Mirror Sight
BUIS has dual aperture and is windage and elevation adjustable.
Mirror Sight
Mirror/BUIS in stowed position.

The Tactical Mirror Sight comes packaged with an accessory 3" x 4" polycarbonate mirror which can be instantly slipped on and snapped into position on the device. Both this mirror and the smaller mirror are flat (not convex or "wide angle"). This larger mirror has three main functions:

  1. it provides a larger view for building clearing operations in which a room to room search of a hostile environment is being conducted
  2. the larger 3" x 4" mirror is useful when you are searching for a poorly defined target against a complex background
  3. when looking over and shooting over walls which are high enough that you cannot get any kind of direct visual preview, the larger mirror provides a 10x larger viewing area than is provided by the smaller mirror, and consequently allows for easier aiming.

The larger mirror is also useful as a training aid when you are just beginning to train on the use of the device because the larger mirror makes target acquisition easier in the beginning. The larger mirror can also be used separately as a hand-held mirror.

The back-up sight is adjustable in click-stops using the rim of a shell casing or a thin coin. Both windage and elevation are adjustable. The rear sight position of the Tactical Mirror Sight has a click-stop detent, as well as a locking mechanism which locks the device into the rear sight position. The rear sight has two flippable apertures like on an M-16/A2 rifle.


  1. Some amount of protective cover is usually available in a firefight. This device provides an enhanced ability to protect the most vital areas of the body while still engaging effectively in the fight.
  2. In many firefight situations, this device will allow a soldier to take a nearly sniper quality shot when conventional aiming techniques would have the inherent inaccuracy of "peek and shoot" aiming.
  3. Ammunition supply is sometimes the limiting factor in the survivability of the fight in a military context. This device puts the soldier much closer to the goal of "one shot - one kill," which will allow for survival in many situations in which the soldier would otherwise have run out of ammunition.
  4. Many of the weapons (AK-47's) used by enemy forces are not easily adaptable to the use of this device because those rifles do not have rails on them. Therefore, its use by American and Allied forces would provide an advantage that would not be readily matched by the enemy simply adopting the same technology.
  5. In almost any situation in which you are currently using a handheld mirror in a hostile environment, this device will do the same job better by allowing you to acquire the target at the same time as you are scouting around the corner.
  6. Building clearing operations can be conducted much more safely and effectively with this device.
Mirror Sight
Built in BUIS re-zeroes each time and locks into position.
Mirror Sight
Accessory mirror also fits barrel mount
(barrel mount sold separately.)

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